Sunday, October 5, 2008

California Avocado Festival

The Avo Fest was such an awesome time! A ton of people came out as we sang about Jesus in the streets of Carp. There were familiar faces and unfamiliar alike, and it seemed like everybody was diggin it. We absolutely loved it. If asked, we are definitely doin it again next year!

on a side note:
We have been so blessed and humbled by the support of our peeps. We cant thank you guys enough. Every door the Lord opens we feel like you all our walking through it with us and the world is noticing! The covershot and headline on the front cover of the Independent read, "Listener Supported"...thats YOU!!! Hands down, if we did not have you all there is no way the world would take notice of this little reggae band. All that to say...We love you. Thank you. Here is some pictures from the Avo Fest courtesy of Robby Barthelmess

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